Feels Weird

It’s my 2nd day here in Iriga City. It’s good to be back after..err more than four months. The last time I was here I was just a fresh graduate. Now, I’m here again but this time I’m someone who can officially qualify as an unemployed person. Application for license is waiting for back in Manila. Heheh. I’ll deal with that later. I’m going to enjoy first what could propbably the last longest vacation in my life. 

I initially wanted to post something related to my college, post-college and board-exam-era- life. However, I don’t know where to start and how to phrase my thoughts. I might end up saying something offending or forget to thank some people. I decided not post anything related to that at all. Hah. I shall be leaving that in my neural circuits. 
Anyway, I went out this morning. It’s feel weird that I do not feel to attached to my hometown. Maybe because I am away from home most of my life. I was looking around the city proper. I hardly feel nostalgic. Haha. It’s still the very same city sans the few improvements. It’s surprising to see that there’s Shakey’s and Rusty Lopez here. Hahaha. 
That’s it for now. 😛 I’m still going to this discover what my city has to offer. 

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