Four-eyed Geek

Haaaay. I am finally paying the price of abusing my eyes for the past 20 years. Yeah. Too much laptop and books is finally haunting me. For the past two weeks, I was suffering from constant headache and dizziness. Turns out I have astigmatism already. Maybe this is also the cause why I have been having problems climbing up and down on stairs. Arrrgh. On a sadder note, I have to deduct again money from my savings for the glasses. I just hope its worth it. I have to wear glasses to correct the problem. The doctor said aside from the usual astigmatism, the pupil of my left eye is also smaller than usual.

On other matters, I have an exam on Inrog Chem this Saturday (for the review class), and I haven’t even finished half of my readings due to eye strain. O_O Have to get my glasses soon.

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