Almost Taking a Bow

Ten months ago, I got highlights. I wondered how long would it last given that I almost have my hair cut every month. Now, I have an answer. It lasted for 10 months. I look at my hair right now… The highlights are almost gone. I am about to welcome back my black hair.

Ten months went so fast. Now, this very day.. at this very moment… thesis is the only one blocking my path to my long-coveted goal. Today, as an undergraduate student… I took my last exam… Wrote my last answer on a bluebook…Submitted my last paper… Performed my last skit… Wrote on the last sheet of my notebook… Sat on my last chem class… Sigh. Everything went too fast that sometimes I wish to go back.

I look back in time and try to gauge my life as a student. I can say I was a responsible student. I am probably one of the student with the cleanest records… absences… deadlines… what else? But.. was my life too boring? I had no orgs. I rarely go out and have fun. I was too consumed with studying and dutifully fulfilling my role as a student and a good daughter. But still… no matter how many time you flip the world, I would probably take the same path with some changes. On the next time, I would be better. I’ll make my goals more solid. Too bad there is no such thing as turning back. I have to deal with the reality I am facing right now.

I never regretted any of my decisions. I believed they were all for good… for myself, and for the people I love. There is still one last barrier blocking me. I’ll make sure it would not hinder me. I may have not been the best student but I hope I left my mark… my name. I hope I touched someone out there with my story. I hope I inspired someone. And I wish someone have learned from my dedication and perseverance.

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