What is Normal

Back in Manila. Back to normal. Back to school. Back to work.  Eighteen days of Christmas vacation  felt like two years. It’s good to be back in UP but I’m strarting to dread it already just thinking of the papers I need to pass, the exams I need to take, and the thesis I need to do. And there isn’t a later. The word and resolution should be NOW. 

Ah. One good thing about being back in Manila is the decent internet connection. I can now upload pictures that should have been uploaded weeks ago. BUT I’m so tired already. I’ve been traveling for the past two days ENDLESSLY. From Cam Sur..I have been to Lucena, Batangas, Paranaque, then Quezon City. Aargh. I think I’ll just do the uploading later or another day. I still have loads of schoolwork, articles, and studies I need to write and review. Ciao!

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