A Not So Wonderful Gift

I am currently barred from going outside our house. Uh. My mom barred me. Earlier this afternoon, I had a small accident which sent our household into ruckus. Someone was buying from our store, so I went out to check who the costumer was. On my way back to the house, I slipped. I wasn’t able to maintain my balance. It has been frequently raining so the pavements were slippery. I hit the ground on my back and I hit my head pretty hard. I wasn’t able to move immediately so I called my mom. I then started crying because my head and wrists were aching. My mom and my brother guided me upstairs. I changed my dirty clothes and calmed down a bit.

Now, I am a bit better except for the cuts and bruises. I also have a big lump at the back of my head. I also get dizzy every time I move my head and not to mention my sore upper back. Great. Great. As if I don’t have a runny nose and whooping cough right now. So I guess for now I’ll be a resident stagnant till the New Year.

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