A Wonderful Day

2nd post for the day. XD XD

My arms and legs are aching but the pain is all worth it! I had so much fun the whole day! It was our block’s Christmas party. I got 2 pairs of super cute earring from Shang. Thanks a lot Shang. Beskid was so kind to bring his Wii. And we all played! I had a heck of fun. We played for almost five hours!

After the Wii addiction, we went watch the lantern parade. There were a lot of people. There were reps from all the campuses. I was also able to meet some Pisay schoolmates like Shiela and Robert. ^^ Lantern parade… Pero panalo si Arriza! Walang tatapat! Ahahah! Go Chem! Sadly, I wasn’t able to the watch the UP Pep perform. It was my first time not seeing them perform in a lantern parade. I only saw the top of pyramid formation. T_T At around 6 pm, Eloi and I parted ways. I went with the rest of my blockmates and she went with Abi and Ate Dy. I’m so glad I didn’t went with them.I had so much fun with Brianne, Sheila, Kay, and Madam. Thanks guys! ^^ It was my first time to bond with them in a non-academic way. And it was also Sheila and Madam’s first time to watch a firework display. I love the fireworks! I am so in love with UP!

Thanks my dear blockmates! I had so much fun with you guys. Chem is love! 😛

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