I’m back.

Weekend was a whirlwind. I was all over Manila and Batangas. I went to my uncle’s place in Paranaque last Friday afternoon. Met a heck of a traffic. We left for his Batangas house at 12 midnight. Arrived at 2 am. It was so cold. Brrrr.  My mom was already there. Yay! And I finally saw my new nephew! XD XD
Saturday afternoon was my cousin’s wedding. Another male cousin taken… and he’s one of the twins. There were a lot of of high profile people like Atty. Lilia De Lima. She happens to be my my grandfather’s first cousin. I won’t be mentioning other names… for the sake of privacy. Hoo… As expected of my uncle. A lot of my cousins and pamangkins arrived, so it was really fun.
Sunday morning was baby Michael’s christening. I wasn’t able to attend for I went back to Paranaque on Saturday night. 😦 ): I spent the whole Sunday watching TV. Turned out it was Pacquiao’s big day.   I was never a fan of Manny Pacquiao. I didn’t even know there was fight until I saw the advertisement on that day. Anyway, I watched the match and more or less got myself amazed. Who would have thought that he could beat De la Hoya. Bleh. I found the “quitting” cowardly. Sorry. Haha!
Now, poof. I have to get back to reality again. I have two exams this week and I haven’t touch any reading materials yet. Have to learn some Deutsch and Marine Science stuff.

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