Damn ATM

Crappy hell. Wala na ba talagang ligtas na lugar o bagay sa mundo? Crap. Last Wednesday, I withdrew money from my bank account for the DVD drive I was going to buy.  We all know that every time we withdraw form an ATM a receipt is given. So I know how much money was left. Then, just this afternoon I withdrew again. I didn’t bother inquiring my balance since I know how much money was in my account. The shock came when I got the receipt. Crap! Php 600 was missing. Now, does money just fly into the sky? No. I think I still do know my Math very well. So where the effing hell is my money?

 I couldn’t protest in the bank for it was already past banking hours. Monday is a holiday. So, I still have to wait for Tuesday to get an answer? Wah! I already have carefully “budgeted” my money for the rest of December. And what the hell did the just do with my money? There wasn’t any notice from PNB they need to collect fees or whatever. So, what the hell happened?

 Arrgh! I so hate it when such things occur. Makes me lose faith in the supposed to be “goodness in this world”.

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