Of Talents, Mentors, and Life

One of the best things that I experienced as a UP student is being able to meet a lot people and also the chance encounters with people I look up to. These past two days have reminded me again of how lucky and privileged I am being in this school. 

Sunday. Ever since my freshman days, I try to attend the mass at 11 AM which is officiated by Fr. Jayboy Gonzales. He is a Jesuit and also hails from Bicol. Father doesn’t know me personally but he has been a very vital person in my UP life. He is very good at what he does. What I like about him is that he knows how to reach out to students. His sermons focuses more on the issue of being a person living the Way of God rather than talking always about God. I like his approach for it makes me easier to relate and be able to appreciate the blessings in life. Father’s sermons have also helped in making my relationship with my family better. 
Yesterda  he talked about talents as the gospel was about the parable of talents. He said asked whom of us have talents? He was surprised that only a few people raised their hands. I raised mine for I believe God gave me talents. He said that all of us talents. Some of us are just lucky to discover it early and life and are able to develop it. I agree. A lot of people are too consumed in self-pity. In a way or too, I believe we are good at something. We aren’t born excellent at anything. It is up to us develop our strenghts. And as Father have said, we should not wait for a very “big inspiration” to start doing something for it maybe too late before we know it. Very well said. 
Monday. Just this afternoon I attended a seminar where science professionals from the National Academy of Science and Technology talked. Again, I am very privileged to be able to attend the seminar and listen to the pillars of Philippines S and T. The focus of the talks were about mentoring, what makes a good mentor, and how a mentor-student relationship should be. Issues on legalities of publishing were also tackled. In summary, it was a talk that will help the students give a view of  to the scientific community and what are the do’s and dont’s. I was really awed by the achievements of the speakers but what amazed me the most was the humble way they present themselves. As what I have said from my previous entry, we are indeed no different from each other no matter how far we have reached. 
Dr. Amador (I forgot his last name) said that the greatest mentors are our peers… the people we talk to, play with.. and what have you. He even cited that these people may come from high school peers, i.e. PSHS, the time where we actually develop very strong ties. I agree in some way. I believe in the stronger saying that experience is the  best teacher. But true indeed, the support and strength that I need come from fa miles and friends. In my 19 years and somethings months of living, the knowledge that has proven to me most useful still came from my parents and academic teachers. But again… moments with people my age and have same views have proven to be vital of shaping who I am today.
I thank God for such moments, happenings, and insights. It fuels my passion to learn and pursue living and dreaming. Dream big as what my mentors say. There is nothing wrong with that. And as they say, people who have no dreams have less. 

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