A Friendly Encounter

In our freshmen days, I, Nicole, and Eloi used to eat a fishball stall near Kalay. Usually, Nicole and I would buy fishball, and Eloi would buy kwek-kwek. We were “suki” in that store. Haha! As we turn older, we go there less often. Each of us is now living in different place and have different schedules. I think I am the only one now that goes there to eat fishball.  This afternoon, I dropped by at Ate’s stall once again. I ordered fishball and C2. While eating, she asked me, “Graduating ka na?”. 

I replied, “Opo.” 
She then said, “Ang bilis. Dati ang dalas niyo pa dito. Yung mga kaibigan mo, graduating na din?”
I then smiled. I am amazed that ate actually remembers me. Imagine, there are a lot of people at her stall but she remembers us. Life has indeed has many simple ways of making someone happy. I am a regular at that store for the serving is fair. The sauce is okay. Most of all, ate is kind. I don’t need her to remember me. The kind treatment that she gives her costumers is already enough for me. But to remember me, I want to thank her for that. 
She also mentioned to me that she already has a son in London and another son died from kidney failure. She then elaborated on how costly the treatments were. I said I was also aware. My father suffered from kidney failure too, though it was not the direct cause of his death. 
I don’t what happened to me after that small conversation but it reminded me to be humble. No matter how far we reached or how complex are the things we have studied, we are no different from other people. Sometimes we are too consumed at our daily lives, that we forget that the the little curiosities and happiness that life has too offer. 

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