Patronizing My Obsession

Hahah! What a title! But it’s true. I barely slept for the past two days. I finished three movies and now I’m watching the korean series Beethoven Virus. It’s a musical drama. The conductor is just so conceited but he’s good. The cast is very interesting but the biggest plus of all… Jang Geun Seuk is one of the leads! Hahah! Pardon me! I’m on  fan girl mode right now. I just can’t get over Doremifasolatido and JGS’s good singing voice. So now, I am literally looking for movies and dramas that he has appeared in. My “stalking” led to me to Beethoven Virus. It’s good.. as of six episodes. Is still don’t know how the story will turn out.  Off I go… woohoo…. have to watch JGS again! XD XD

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