Windows Azure and Office 14

After the release of the much criticized Windows Vista, here comes another  product from Windows… Azure. It is a cloud-based operating system and is expected to be released in 2009. It also promises an “improved user experience”. Here is a preview of Azure from CMSWire:

The colors featured here are very much like Vista. The interfaces are also larger and more polished. I hope the effects are also better. I have seen the gold version of the template at the Manila Bulletin Tech 101 November 5 issue. It’s much better than the blue one. The start menu is also more polished.  Ehr. I can’t find a screenshot of the gold template.  I hope Azure will indeed better than its predecessor. Windows took some time in releasing Vista yet a lot of problems still arose especially in program compatibilities.
A new version of Office will also be released: Office 14. (FYI: Office 2007 is Office 13). 
The interfaces are very much like Office 2007, so I guess I wouldn’t be a fan. And hmm, incorporating the address bar of IE into office doesn’t appeal too much to me. I was never a fan of Office 07, expect for Powerpoint. I found the interfaces too large and confusing. For now, I stick to my ever reliable Office 03. 
So to 2009 then. Have to try the new offerings from Windows. I just hope they are indeed more powerful and improved than their predecessors, as promised.

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