Sanity: Intact

Ah! I am so bored! Internet is the only thing that keeps me sane. Two weeks of vacation is already too long for me. I can’t wait for Friday to come. School work please! Sorry! I am a big big nerd! School work keeps me alive. 

Anyway, I managed to finish my enrollment in just a day. If it weren’t for the problem in the number of units in Chem 200, I might have even finished in half a day. Monday = finished enrolling. I had nothing to do for the next three days, so I went to my aunt’s place in Paranaque.  Another three days of bumming, eating, and sleeping. I didn’t bring my laptop. It would be useless since the CD-drive is not fixed yet. 
Now, I just got back in UP. So internet and laptop, keep me company for now till  the day that I’ll be cursing how busy my life is… again.

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