Ceaselessly in Motion

It’s 10 pm already. Nice. How am I supposed to study a sem’s topics for 15 hours? Chem 112 is is creeping on me.  Grrr. Anyway, Chem 112.1 has officially ended. The exam was so looooooooooonng. And, it made me and Eloi so hungry that we were able to eat two full servings of rice at the House of Sisig. Ahaha! Anyway, food is always a reward for job well done. Err. Also for others not so “well done”. Haha! For short… stress reliever!

I wonder when will Ma’am Carino email our 3rd exam results in Biochem. Hope she emails us at most tomorrow lunch. I am dying to see my score. Anway, more or less two exams to go. Oh! I almost forgot our final paper for the special project in Chem 112.1 Argh. So… erase my earlier statement. Chem 112.1 is not officially over until I pass our paper. Haha! Anway, it will be not so hard anymore since I already know what to write.
Wah! Two more days and I am off to Bicol! Thesis can’t stop me! HAha! Oh well. Technically, I have a homework for the sembreak. I and Eloi made a bargain with Maam Carino. Haha! It’s for this bargain that we were allowed to go home. Wooh. For now, there is a 70% chance that I am going to Pisay for the foundation week. Wohoo. So excited!
Till then. Have to get back in front of my books for now!

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