Oniisan and Ototo.

It’s almost the end of the semester but I still have a lot of exams. O__O I miss my two pesky brothers!  I miss my mom too but I was able to see her twice this semester. Anyway, Miko <the bunso> texted me last night and I was so happy. He rarely texts because he is also very busy. Anyway, I suddenly want to talk about my brothers! <Paul, thanks for the idea! I got it from your previous entry> 

This is my Kuya <though I never called him kuya>. His full name is Roy Martin but we <family members> call him RB. He is 20 years old. He is currently taking BSBA major in Developmental Management and Tourism in Ateneo De Naga. I think he’ll be graduating next year. Haha! He shifted form IT when was almost 3rd year. That’s why he’s delayed! Haha! He isn’t wearing his eyeglasses in this picture. He stands a whooping 5’9 or taller I think. Anyway, he is one of the wackiest person I know. As in! In Filipino, makulit! As in makulit! But that’s what I like about him. He texts me often. Proof of his kakulitan but it’s okay. At least one my siblings bothers to text me. Our conversation usually consists of anything electronic. I mean it. He asks endless questions about the prices of gadgets, the condition of my laptop, DVD’s! Waah! The male mind. Hmm. I just noticed now… he also has a heart-shaped faced like me. We used to argue a lot. Pikon kasi. Our relationship as siblings improved when I started living in Manila. HAha! Maybe because he rarely sees me now.  As much I as I love books, he loathes it. He also doesn’t like chem and bio! He virtuall hates every subject I love. Hahaha!

Now, on the left is my younger brother Miko. He’s full name is Michael Angelo. He’s 17.. turning 18 this December. He’s as sophomore at the Ateneo De Naga taking up BS BAA. He’s also tall. In fact, he’s taller than RB at almost 5’10”. Miko’s exterior personality is entirely the opposite of RB. On a foreign environment, he is very quiet. I find him more of an introvert. Of my two brothers, I get along with Miko better. We are closer in wavelength. We share the same interests in food and anime. Anime. Miko also loves anime a lot! Ahah! He also loves watching wrestling. O_O He knows the name of the famous and infamous wrestlers. We also can’t tolerate spicy food. He also loathes Chem. I wonder why. Miko loves to ask me questions on things he doesn’t understand. Hehe. He rarely texts me but when he does he sends very sweet messages. Hehe. He also never failed to greet me on special occasions. His asks me the most absurd questions on astronomy, sex education, scrabble, novels, and anime. He is not really a bookwork but we share interest on reading. He’s a very good scrabble player! As in! He can easily beat me and my mom. Well, he started playing when he was just 5 ot 6 years old I think.  I don’t have any orgs, but my brothers has lots! ahha! Three or more I think. He travels a lot due to his org activities. He is also a very active member of GK and a gender rights organization. 

 So there, a peek at my brothers. Do we look alike? I think mas “magkamukha” kami ni Miko. Besides, RB has a lean body frame. Here’s a pic of  me. Judge. 😛 Hay. I rarely see them now. For this year, I think I just saw them for 5 days. I miss our TV camping sessions. The three us watch NBA together. The three of  us don’t like boxing. We used to play basketball together. We used to look like a ladder. One taller than the other. As you happen to notice, our ages are just a year apart. We so adore our mom < and dad, when we was still alive> We She’s the best in cook in the world. And my brothers have the biggest appetite! HEhe. Anyway, I better this “already very long” entry and start studying! Ciao! T___T I miss them even more. 

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