My CD Drive Isn’t Working :(

Yup. I typed that correctly. My CD Drive is not working properly!!!!!! Last Monday, yesterday, and this morning, it was still working perfectly. Then, when I tried to burn a file this afternoon, the cd-drive just stopped working. I took out the CD and placed another one yet nothing happened. I tried everything from a CDR to a CDRW to a DVR-W, it can’t read any CD. I then checked the drivers. Windows can detect the CD-drive. All the drivers are up-to-date. I tried unstialling the ATAPI controlling the CD Drive, and then rebooted my lapatop. Wah! It still wouldn’t work. It sudddenly dawned on me to try loading a bootable CD. So, I turned off my laptop and placed the CD for my Vista OS. Lo! When I turned on my laptop it went straight to log-in page of Vista. It can’t even recognize a bootable CD. T_______T It just means one thing. The lens of the drive is broken. I wondered how it happened. Waah! This will bother me again n days in my life!

What is the use of a laptop without a CD Drive? Pathetic, isn’t it. Okay, I can still do my school works, and excessive downloading but how I am supposed to back up my files? How I am supposed to watch my most loved DVD’s?!? How am I supposed to rip files from a CD? Waah! For short, Pete (my laptop) is half useless without a CD Drive? I prefer a virus-crashed laptop to a laptop with a dysfunctional CD Drive! At least, I can reformat a virus-crashed laptop but how I am even supposed to reformat a laptop without a CD Drive? Waah!
What am I going to do now? Pete’s warranty already ended last May. My mom is going to kill me if I ask for money to buy a new internal drive. And that thing costs around an effing PhP 4000. My other option is to buy an external drive. It’s cheaper at around  2k to 3k… BUT.. Where I am supposed to get that money? If I am going to use my money right now, then it means I would be using the money that supposed to be spent for my ticket fare. Waah. The only option is to use my insurance money. Again… but… it will arrive on.. November!!! Nyargh! I’d be using my money on a CD-Drive. T___T I am already allotting to it for a cam or phone. So I guess it will be bye bye cam or phone, and hello CD-Drive. Oh well, I guess a CD-Drive is more important than a cam. 

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