It’s , I’s, and But’s.

It’s already 11 PM but I’m still staring at my laptop.

I’m very sleepy but I still have to finish a formal report. 
I want to do things properly but I am currently suffering from low blood pressure, so, I have a splitting headache. 
I’m hungry but my stomach can’t tolerate any food right now. 
It’s the last day of classes tomorrow but I still have loads of stuff to do.
It’s only Tuesday but the energy I used up was already good for 5 days. 
I am wishing for another two school days but it seems that I can only find that in another world. 
I want to go to the mall but I don’t have the time. 
I want to go home but I have to wait until the 20th the month.
I wish that time could just fly by but that can only happen in my dreams. 
I wish I could wake up at 11 am but I can’t… I have to be early to finish our special project.
I want to wish but I can’t.

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