Suicide Days Again

I am currently on uber panic mode to nth level. The semester is about to end so I am bombarded again with exams and deadlines. Waah!  It seems that my brain is already rejecting any information that needs to be loaded. All  it wants to do is sleep and sleep. Anyway, to frighten my self, I am posting my to do list.. again. Here it goes…

1. Ferrocene FR – due on Friday
2. Finish chem 112. Special Project. We still need to do photodegradation using  the undoped ZnS. Wah. Add to that, our data on the doped ZnS is not so good.
3. Special Proj FR – Yup. Another pain in the a**.
4. Envi Sci Exam – Oct 7. 
5. Special Proj Poster- Oct. 9. 
6. Chem 112.1 Colloquium – Oct. 11
7. Chem 112 3rd Exam – Oct. 12
8. Biochem 3rd Exam
9. Chem 112 finals
10. Biochem finals
12. Chem 112.1 Finals
And the list goes on! I don’t mind a long list if all the forces of nature are cooperating! But… no! Thesis is a big problem. I need to come up with a decent gel ASAP. THe reagents decided not to cooperate. And, wah! What’s with the chem with 112’s? They are really planning to kill us.  Adding to grueling list.. it’s CRS time again! I just hope the priority thing works! Hay.. good luck to me, my fellow chem majors, and  my fellow students. 

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