What an Impressive Bloodline!

I was doing my usual ‘site hopping’, and I don’t know how I ended up reading trivias about Narnia: Prince Caspian. Then I decided to read the profiles of the cast.  This is where I discovered Skandar Keynes (he is Edmund in the Narnia movies) so so so so impressive bloodline. Here’s what Wikipedia said:

“Skandar Keynes was born in London, the son of Zelfa Cecil Hourani and writer Randal Keynes.[2] His maternal grandfather, Cecil Fadlo Hourani, is a famous writer of Lebanese descent, and the brother of Albert Hourani, also a well-known writer and professor.[2] On his father’s side Keynes is the great-great-great grandson of the famous biologist Charles Darwin, through whose paternal grandmother Mary Howard he is descended from Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk (uncle to both Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard) and thus from King Edward I. Keynes is also the great-great nephew of the economist John Maynard Keynes and the nephew of the historian and Cambridge professor Simon Keynes.[2] Through his great-grandmother, Hester Agnes Pinsent – the wife of Nobel Prize laureate Edgar Adrian, 1st Baron Adrian – he is also related to the Scottish philosopher David Hume.[3] He has an older sister, Soumaya Keynes, (born 1989), who has appeared in various productions for BBC Radio”.

WTH! That is a hell of a bloodline! I don’t care how unreliable Wikipedia is, still this is something worth drooling! O__________O Hahahaah!  Charles Darwin, John Keynes, King Edward?!? Wooh. How nice it would for someone to have them as ancestors.

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