Sir Jim’s Quotes of the Day

Sir Jim, our professor in Chem 112, has a very good sense of humor. He can throw hilarious statements anytime in our lecture. I should have started this long ago, but it’s only now that I paid attention to his “quotes”. So for September 29, here are the some of the most funny/hilarious stuff he said.

1. “So what’s the answer? Don’t worry no violence tayo.”
2. Sir: “What’s the conformation?”
    Jake: “Iiisstaggered po.”
    Sir: “Staggered, hindi istagerred.”
3. Sir noticed what he wrote on the board.
    Sir:”Ay. Hindi halogen ang Astatine.”
4. “Hindi ka pwede magsalita ng walang basis. Makukulong ka.”
5. “Kelan ang exam? Ayaw ng Sunday? Why? Church? Saturday? Ayaw? Church din?”

YUn lang. LOL. Watch out for the next issue.

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