Write-up’s and Friends

Haha! Weird relationship. Nakakahawa ang post ni Erwin.

Anyway, the yearbook write up deadline was up about an hour ago. Glad I made it on time and I was able to pass around 9 pm. Two weeks ago, I planned to ask several friends to write for me line or two. I don’t know what happened, I forgot all about the deadline. I just remebered it again yesterday. The great I. Good thing I already asked Soleil to write someting for me! Thanks again dear. But I am sad. I wanted to ask Nicole, Saldy or Mond, Eloi, a few of my blockmates (Beskid, Mike, Kai, Sheila, and Mel), and my ex-roomated She, Marj and Ystin. They are the people who know me best, if not, the people who I often talk to.  Ha! Argh. Shoot my plans.

Anyway again, what’s done is done.. but many thanks to Soleil and Eloi and for the wonderful write-ups.

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