I found myself eating at Jollibee  after more than two years. Hahah! THe last time  I ate was I think when I was still a freshman. Eloi suddenly wanted to eat Jollibee spaghetti, so I agreed to eat there. Sorry to all Jollibee fans, but I pledge my loyaly to Mcdo since I don’t know when. I simply love Mcdo. As they say… nothing beats the friend.

Went to SM after Envi Sci class to buy a gift for a friend. I fell in love with a wallet! So what to expect? I bought it! Haha! Impluse buying = Melai’s sickness. T_T  And, apart from the wallet… I had a haircut… again. Well, hairspa + haircut. Sorry. I can’t stand my hair growing longer by more than an inch. Salon trips are my weakness. 😛

So there went my money and my day. ^_^

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