Reminding Myself and Everyone Else

As if the posts of my blockmates aren’t enough to slap me back into reality.

Anyway, CRAP. It’s supposed to be a four-dayvacation plus a free day in the lab… so that makes it five days. I have five days to finish all my school work. And now, I only have two days. Damn. I’m still in scratch. Grr… not that I am not doing anything. I am have my sources ready but I can’t seem to find the motivation to start. And… reading endless books and journals is starting to freak me out. Anyway, just a run down of what I need to do…

*Two formal reports form Chem 146.
*Three formal reports for Chem 112.1
*Do Bradford assay of thesis samples
*Find a suitable gluatathione cosubstrate for thesis sample
*Study for Chem 146 exam
*DO some catching-up  in Chem 112
*Start doing paper for Chem 196
*Prelabs for Chem 146.1

Now. That isn’t a very long list.. but damn. Just making one FR in Chem 112.1 would eat half of my brain. Grrr. So good luck to me and to all my fellow busy people. Haha.

Oh… my phone charger wanted to do some scenes. It decided to fail today. So, I spent a freaking Php 450 for just a Motorola charger. Damn.. that would have been two books.

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