Twilight and My Self-Imposed Holiday

Okay. I committed my first absence in my chem classes for this semester. I had a problem sleeping last night, and when I woke up this morning my hyperacidity was acting up. These are two of my trivial problems in life… insomnia and hyperacidity. I ended up not coming to my classes. BTW, I don’t feel guilty at all. After how many years, I finally overcame the fear that my conscience will haunt me if I missed a class.  The sad, I wasn’t able to maintain a clean record for this semester. Hell.  Who cares anyway?

To make my day productive, I tried researching for our formal reports in Chem 112.1 – Inorganic Chem Lab. To my surprise, I managed to find some decent sources.  I still amaze myself with my “researching” skills. Must be the product of a few years of a “pseudo” stalker. Please don’t take it literally.

After a while, I got tired digesting quantum dots and coordination chem stuff. I tried to look for other forms of entertainment. Twilight suddenly dawned on me. People are talking about the book. I got curious so I decided to read it. Now I know why people are raving about it. It’s good  though at some parts I got tired with Bella doing all the narration. I haven’t a read a book..err..a fiction book.. in a while. I guess I have to catch up on  the “first person point of view” again.

Anyway, the book was obviously for teens. Some light romance mixed with the main conflict of of a human and a vampire falling in love. It was actually a typical plot and I don’t know what made it good. But.. the fact that I finished it in 6  hours  makes it worth reading. I like Edward Cullen, though I wished he was made less perfect, and less practical. Now, I started reading the second book, New Eclipse. I think I would enjoy this book less for Bellais going to be with Jacob, plus, the fact that I go for Edward Cullen doesn’t help much.

Ciao. Have to get back first that I have formal report piling up.

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