MIxed Feelings

It was a very long day. My high school batchmates are still the coolest people I know. I mean, though I met a lot of people in college, the friends I made in high school are still the best. Like what I always say, there is something in us that makes us impenetrable.

Overwhelming. What a perfect word to describe this day. I was almost on the verge of forgetting on how stupid we can be every time we are together. Then, poof… the experiences were slapped back at my face again. I miss everything…the crowded room, two-walled classrooms, canteen, the times when I don’t have to worry passing a subject and what do with my life.

I should be happy. This is a very rare day. Probably, it will take years again before we could gather again. Yet, I don’t know why I am very pissed off, or maybe bitter or sad. Tomorrow is always haunting me. I always want to be haunted. Err.. definitely stupid. I am very afraid to let go, as I have always said.

But… in spite of my whatever dramas… Pisay Bikol Batch 05… mamaws… taukappahbah… Thanks a lot guys. I love you all. I wanted to hug everyone of you but wasn’t able to. Hindi ko kinaya. Haha.. But really thanks. Many many thanks.

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