I am updating everyday. This is rather rare. Sometimes my blog could go on for months not updated. Hehehe.

Anyway. Wahh Panic mode. Have to do a lot things for the weekend. Moreover, I need to meet a lot people. The marathon started today. Waaah! I bought my Miko (my brother) a new battery for his Moto V3X. Crap. That thing costs around Php 1500. Ha! Almost the price of a non-colored phone. Then, I went to LBC to have the battery sent through a package. Is my phrasing correct?

Anyway, still in woe. Questions/Tasks/People to meet/do…

*My Uncle arrived from Dubai. Should set a time and date when to meet him.. in MOA (Mall of Asia).. That’s waaah.. 2 hours away from UP
*Meet Soleil. Yes! finally.
*Batch gathering.. after one long year of waiting.
*Come up with a topic for my Chem 196 presentation.
*Do Biochem FR’s
*Start reading for Inorg chem FR
*Advanced reading in Inorg and biochem
*Attend the first dorm General Assembly.
* and counting.

Hahaha… Wonder how I’ll do that. Transform.. supahwoman! hahah! 😛

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