On the day I turned 19

This should have been posted last April 24. But..urggh, our ever-friendly router chose to shut down that day. So here is the post… four days late.

I just want to post to give a message of thanks. My 19th birthday was really meaningful. haha! More meaningful than my 18th birthday.

My mom, ala, RB and Miko. It was my first time not celebrating my birthday at home. I really miss you all. Mama! Salamat sa lahat!

Uncle albert, aya, andee and autie mana. Wherever you are… Philippines, Singapore and now Canada… kayo lagi nauuna sakin mag-greet. Thanks for everything. I really miss you.

To Mel, sir Jason, Ma’am Cristy and Ma’am Cherrie for spending the whole day with me. Ma’am Cherrie, thanks for the ice cream. The day was really fun though I had samples to run in the HPLC. Hehe.

TO my roomates, ELoi, Ang and Abi.. ehhe. Salamat sa surprise. First time ko. ahhhhaa. Sobrang natouch ako. Salamat talaga.

Sa lahat din ng nag-greet, salamat ng madami. Happy talaga ako, and really thankful. ^__^

[—-super late edit—-]

Nicole. Wah! Hugs! Improving memory..joke lang. Hehe. HUgggs

Soleil. Gomen. Wasn’t able to read your message in Facebook on time. Arigatou! Mwah.

TO my roommates Marj and She, thanks for the So0000000000 cute pink bear! I really love it.

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