Crushed Dreams

Warning: This entry will be filled with complaints. Forgive me for all the ramnifications I will make.

April 18. Sir Llagun0  finally gave his verdict. He gave a 2.75  in Quatum Chemistry. The first thing that I did when I saw my grade was to shout. Wiith a 2.75, goodbye 1.5 GWA, goodbye cumlaude standing. I still managed to be a College Scholar last semester, but damn. I need that 1.5 to reach cum laude standing. With a lower GWA last sem, I need a very good miracle to reach cum laude. Waah. Triple waah. I know I am OA, but ughh. I am very frustrated. This is the very same situation that I encountered when I was in high school. It happened again. Damn. Super damn.

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