“First Day” at St. Luke’s Hospital

I placed quotation marks on the words “first day” because it wasn’t really my first day of work at St. Luke’s. It was just some sort of introductions and orientations.

Anyway, Mr. Jason Monlinong, asked I and Mel to report at St. Luke’s yesterday at 8 am. The great paranoid I, woke up at 5:30 am. My problem was I didn’t know how to go St. Luke’s. Hmmm, scrap that. I had an idea, I wasn’t just sure if I would end up in the right destination. So I left the dorm at around 6:30 am. I rode a Cubao-Arayat jeep. The driver dropped me off at a Petron station along Kamuning. Then I rode another jeep going to Espana. And lo! In less than 30 minutes, I found myself in front of St. Luke’s. Crap. Who would have ever thought that the place was so near. And so the great I, arrived at 7am. To ease my stupidity, I went to Mcdo (just front in the hospital), and ordered my breakfast. I was there for almost 40 minutes. I didn’t want to end up looking stupid in the lobby while waiting for Mel. Anyhow, (what’s with this word?) I was really bothered by the old man who sat behind me. He was humming a very weird tune and it was really creepy. And I thought, do oldies really have a habit of humming? Haha.

Then, at around 7:40 AM, I left McDo and proceeded at the hospital lobby.
I waited for Mel there. She showed up at exactly 8 am. Ha! I wish I also had a house situated just around the hospital. We asked the guard where the Research and Biotechnology Division was situated. He said, “punta po kayo 2nd floor, kanan, kaliwa, kaliwa….” Wait!!!! I wasn’t able to grasp that. Really, we got lost in that freaking big hospital just looking for the R and B division. When we found the place, the person-in-charge wasn’t still there. We waited for another 30 minutes. When he arrived, Sir was looking so hip and young. Haha! I was imagining a guy in his 40’s. He turned to be I think in his 20’s.

Ha….. the day was all about waiting. Furthermore, Sir Jason said we still working on Monday! What? Monday. Crap, I am starting to crumble in boredom. Anyway, he just briefed us with the basics and introduced us to the other people in the laboratory. The people were confused for we were introduced as ” This is Melissa, and this is Melyssa”. Haha! They even told us that they had already planned to call one of us Mel, and the other Issa. That wasn’t necessary, for I am Melai, and Mel is Mel. Hmm, but I preferred being called Issa, but that nickname is exclusive for family members.

The division we were assigned was situated in the hospital annex. It occupied the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. We well be working in the Analytical Chemistry Lab, Drug Testing and Toxicology Unit. Sir said we would be handling blood, urine, and mostly biological samples. The whole place was dominated by HPLC’s! arggh. I am not especially a fan of than apparatus. Ha. The thing that excited was a place or instrument of whatever labeled “PCR, Restriction Enzymes”. Cool. Now, this is biochem. Can’t wait to know how that thing works.

Anyway, that was our day. Hmm.. Plus the trip to the HR. The guy and lady in charge was arguing about schools. The guy saw our resumes. He said he was also from UP. The lady asked what’s with schools? haha! The guy said UP is the only school recognizes. Thanks Sir! That was too much for the other people in the room to take in!

I was back in the dorm by lunchtime. The day was, uh, rather unproductive. I’ll be going to St. Luke’s at around 2 pm today. I’ll get my ID, and do some contract signing Whatever the purpose is. Then, the dreaded part, I’ll be reading the MSDS and quality manuals. As if I haven’t had enough of quality assurance. Well, that’s really part of the job.

Can’t wait to lay my hands on some real work. Till then. Ciao!

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