Christmas? Really?

This Christmas is maybe the worst Christmas for me, and and my fellow Bicolanos. I may not be directly affected by the typhoon coz I was in Manila when it occured, but it really affects me a lot. I cannot believe that our house, now almost 25 years old, and had already survived so many typhoons will be damaged by a typhoon that didn’t even last for a day. A lot of our properties were damaged. Come of think of it. We were still luckier for we live in Camarines Sur.

The typhoon was cruel. Like what one of the officials in Albay said, “We lost everything.” The Mayon, useto signify beauty, is now another spot which will remind me of death. The Cagsawa ruins before reminded me how cruel nature can be, but now it is forever buried. It further reminds me never to challenge nature.

I relly feel bad. No sad or crushed is better. I’m going home next week to spend my Christmas vacation, but I really do not know if I want to see Bicol afetrall. I do not know what to expect. I don know what will I feel when I see what remained of our region.

Now it makes me think… Why? Why? That’s the question of my mind right now. I do not know if this is a lesson given to us, if not a warning. maybe it is just another reminder that nature is indeed the powerful one and we cannot anything to whatever it brings us. Why? Why? Stupid, neh?

The Bicol has lost so many things indeed. Schools, houses, and most of all life.A lot of people died. Some of parts were Albay were forever buried. I pray for us. I pray for them. I pray for the Philippines. They say hope faded after the typhoon. Yeah, maybe.

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