I just finished watching “A Day” and “Art Museum in The Zoo”. A Day is really a good movie. It made me cry. Now dont laugh at me. It was really a touching movie. Made me mushy. Gusto ko sabihin kung ano ang nangyari, kaya lang ka masira yung story. Made realized and speculate on a lot of things again. Hay sad ng movie. Pag-uwi ko pa sa dorm daming tragedy na nangyari sa family ng roommte ko.

I just thought, life is really tough. Please bear with my mushy side. Why do bad things often happen to good people? Why do the rich even get richer? Why do they get the people who are important to you? Why not the worthless ones? Why, despite all your efforts, nothing good comes out? Some people are so selfish, they only think of themselves. Some are so inconsiderate. Maybe they dont even realize the discomfort. Tough ne? These are the questions running ong my head right now. Typical actually. But come to thik of it, bakit nga ba? It bothers me a lot.Maybe beacuse I am just like the people Ive described.

Then why are some people so stupid? They cling to their friends so much. As if the world will leave them if they dont satisfy them. Why do some resort to martyrdom? It s tiring. I know. Dont ask. I think Ive spent almost my high school and now college life just doing that. Ive ruined what used to me by doing that. Its tiring. im so fragile despite my image. My character is so fragile. I tried so hard just to rebuild myself, and now it cost me a lot. It continues to haunt me. To all the people who have done this to me, thank you. I hope now you realize how it all affected me. Whatever that IT is. I have been trying to help and please a lot of people, I forgot to help myself. Naisip ko lang, I always had the chance to help others. I just had the right advice to give them. I always have the things they ask. I gave.I lend. Now maybe im in a point that I gave alot. Ano natira sakin? Ano ang nangyari sakin?

These are things bothering and haunting me for months now. I really dont know myself afterall.

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