Sunulat ko to the end of March.. just wanna share.
Another year has passed. A year ago, I was writing and dreaming about graduating and entering UP Diliman. And now, here I am, about to enter my 2nd year in my college years. I should be happy, right? But I think I’m not. Starting from the moment that I learned that I passed, I was never happy.
(1) I wasn’t able to get the course I really wanted. I really want to take up MBB. But given my academic standing, shifting is a big dream. Bio is also good. I love Bio. Physics was also a choice. But if I have to consider the job I would get if I take this courses, I don’t know if I will be able to lead my family into a good life. So these all brought me to Chemistry, which I realized now is not really an interesting. Isn’t interesting in the sense that nothing new is being discovered in this field. Unlike in Bio where you get to marvel the wonders of life.I never found the satisfaction from Chem,but I’m determined to test my fate in Chem. I know I will be struggling in this course. I also feel very small for I shall never excel in this field.

Mahaba pa yan. Pero yan lang ang gusto kong sabihin.

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